Thursday, January 10, 2013

Professor Einstein and her Majesty the Queen talk about science

I found by chance a little video I made almost three years ago. Xtranormal is a really cool website where you provide the script and the software takes on the task of creating a 3D animated movie with the characters you select.

Here we have Albert Einstein and Queen Elizabeth II (chosen from the historic figures) in a jolly chat about science.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Isaac Newton talking about love (a post of fiction)

I had the idea of using the Isaac Newton character of Xtranormal to give us a lecture about love in a stern and patronizing manner. I wrote up the whole script just to realize that making movies at that website was no longer free. Nevertheless, here's the script. Imagine that Sir Isaac Newton is talking to you when you read it. If you can't, then picture Gandalf a little bit annoyed.


Hello there. I'm Sir Isaac Newton. The guy who discovered the laws of motion, the universal character of gravity, the constitutive colors of white light, calculus and many more things that you wouldn't even attempt on your luckiest day.

But don't worry. I'm not here to lecture you about math or science. I'm here to slap the hell out of you for being an insufferable, gullible, optimistic, romantic-life-lasting love seeker. Yes, a romantic-life-lasting love seeker, I said. The kind of affection that numbs down the reason in favor of one only thing. But before I tell you what is that one thing you inadvertently fall so graciously, willfully yet unknowingly; let me briefly rewind the movie of your innocent behavior.

You see a pretty girl, or guy, whatever suits you. You immediately are infested by a blinding felling that tells you that you must do whatsoever is in your power to be close to that special person. No matter what it takes, you see it as an epic task to make her your girl. You think she's the love of your life. And that is precisely what you get wrong. It is merchandised as love, but not the one you are looking for. This we may call infatuation, and it is one of the greatest swindles of life. In the end it is just the course of Nature fulfilling itself. You are being called to do whatever is necessary to pass on your essence. You are a vessel of genetic code. You are temporal and disposable. You carry information that has been replicating itself for millions of years. That information has coded within it the method of perpetuating itself. It doesn't give a damn what you do with your life. What it manages to do with you, is to react to the physical input of your senses, to cause the urge of sexual desire, to copulate and finally to breed another member of your animal species. A new creature that will outlive you, and that will satisfy the purpose of carrying in her very own flesh and blood, the ancestral information. That infatuation of yours does not last long, it fades and it will activate itself again when the sensory input takes your brain hostage of pure biochemical reactions.

Next time you think you fall in this version of love, think of it as being manipulated by your genes. Your behavior is evidence of what and how you are made of.

Now, it's not all too bad. Had you seriously consider a person as a life companion in a rational manner, you would almost always be discouraged, for you would never find someone that meets all your picky demands. That's the point where infatuated love enters. It blurs your reason. It enhances your hunting instincts. It bypasses all admonitions making you think about one thing only: sex, the beginning of the copying, the replication process.

Think about it. Now you can thank your molecular constitution for the desires of your brain. Or should I say of your heart?

Off you go, mortal creature. Carry on with your business, for you have no tomorrow, enjoy them while you can. That is the signature of your feeble and temporal awakening as a conscious being.