Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That mild sensation

I love that mild sensation of alcoholic dizziness that makes me feel a bit more conscious. That sensation that amplifies the feelings of greatness and happiness. That effect that magnifies the deepest personal meaning of a song, that enforces the sensory input of a marvelous event, an enjoyable company, a sequence of movements or words. That furtive glance that only two persons understand. That unsettling feeling that something can be done had you desire to pursue the cause of your will.

I love that slight altered sensation of normal reality perception that makes you fly above all ideas. The contentment that comes from seeing the crowd below your higher ground in all standard places. Unique sites that reveal a not-seen-before look of what you are and where you are.

Sounds, images and combinations of distilled information flowing inside a maze of processing algorithms cells, connected and organized by the ancestral code of the four molecules, of which we have been just mere carriers. What is that if not a wondrous construction of nature itself? As Hitchens says, how is that compared to a burning bush? It lacks all imagination and all creativity by orders of magnitude, and all originality for the last is the creation of mediocre minds and the former is the expression of Nature itself; sublime and unconstrained to the narrowness of human prejudices.

Life is far more exiting than the average smart ass pretends to tell us. From the time of enlightening of the senses, the existence and thought; let no one tell how to feel, what to think and what to do. Freedom of thought shall never be shackled by that narrowness of mind of the vast majority of lazy deluded, that cling to the established norms, without wondering what they are up to.

I whish freedom of thought, action and feelings stay with us for as long as we dwell on Earth, and let us enjoy what Nature has evolved for millions of years: our brain and all what it means to be human; the inner sufferings, the joyful achievements, the sweet conquests. The agonizing pains and redeeming consequences of love. All what entitles to be human without restriction, without bonds. That is all we have and all we will ever be.

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