Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Got the internet

It's been almost two weeks since 'the big move' and today (well, it's yesterday now) I finally got the internet connected. These past days I was using an USB modem (ZTE) from the Claro company. It had the advantage of reaching an effective download speed of 200 Kb/s during the late night and sometimes during the day. What I didn't like is that the connection dropped during the day. Probably too many people connected at the same time(?) Another good feature of the modem is that it worked out of the box in Linux Ubuntu 10.10, a good reason to love Ubuntu ;-)

Now I have the Turbonett service also from Claro. When in the USA, I used to have the slowest speed connection, about 200 Kb/s for download. I did the same here and the result was dreadful... I got a speed 15 times slower. Perhaps I should consider upgrading to a higher speed. Any software update above 10 Mb will be agonizingly slow!

Speed tests from are below. The high one is for the USB modem and the slow one for Turbonett at 148 Kbps.

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