Monday, October 5, 2009

Grad student recipe

Here comes a bit of what could be a typical situation in the life of a graduate student. It's three in morning and you are hungry. You've been eating granola bars since lunch and you are sick of them. There is no food whatsoever at home, except more granola bars and a two-thirds-full box of rotini pasta. In a situation like this, to following recipe can get you out of trouble and end your starvation.

About a cup of rotini pasta.

1. Get some water and bring it to boiling point.

2. Cook the rotini pasta for seven minutes. That gives it an
al dente consistency.*

3. Drop the water

4. If available, pour the pasta into a bowl. Otherwise just grab a fork
and eat it from the pot.

Well, that's it. Enjoy the flavor of pasta at its purest! Believe me,
it's actually good, especially if you are hungry.


* In fact, this may vary with the altitude you are located at, since water boiling point depends on ambient pressure. So for higher altitudes more cooking time may be needed.
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