Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here in the north side of America school starts in Summer. By the end of August, usually. Along with that, there is a clear change in the campus panorama. During most of June, July and August; campus is pretty much deserted. Empty classrooms, lonely buildings, clear streets. All the food places close early. There is even no place to get a coffee in the afternoon. That's particularly annoying if ---like me--- you wake up around noon and go to work in second half of the day. Yes, long live academia!

Now the Fall term is starting. Free food in the math department to meet with the new fellows. Free food in the physics department to start up activities. Emails start arriving with the schedules for colloquia, seminars and talks. Welcome parties for the new students. Parents helping their undergrads to move in to the dormitories in the middle of the of the hot and humid day.

Hot humid days. That's summer around here. People surrender to the heat wearing shorts, sandals and t-shirts. They make a feast for the eyes. Sometimes it looks as if the beach is nearby. Formality of attire is gone. Only those that work where the jobs demands it still wear suits. But don't forget a light sweater because air conditioning makes it cold inside the some buildings.

In few days a new horde of students will hit the university campus to begin a new term, eager to learn. Activities and people everywhere. The free buses will ride more frequently and later in the night. The companies will come again for recruiting. Luring students to their talks with free food.

And I finally will be able to get coffee in the afternoon.
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