Saturday, July 26, 2008

The routine

Not all routines are necessarily bad. I'm still saying goodbye to the one I had until a week ago. So it happened that I moved from Ithaca to College Park, after six months of being a visitor at Cornell University. I don't know if there is another place like Ithaca. It's true that the town is small, but it is the one I have liked the most, out of the places I have lived in the US. There is so much nature all around and within walking distance. There were hills, forests, lots of rivers and waterfalls, lakes... and who knows what else. After being there for some time, I can truly say that the town really makes honor to the phrase: "Ithaca, ten square miles surrounded by reality".

So the routine was more or less like this: Wake up around 11 am. Going to campus at 1 pm. Leave the office and head to the library coffee shop at 6 pm. Then go to eat at Collegetown Bagels or nearby place at 8 pm. Stay there to have coffee or go to Starbucks until 10 pm. Back home and work until 4 am. Not all days were the same, but that was more or less it.

It is the first time I'm drawn so badly to work at coffee shops. I didn't use to do that in Baton Rouge. Maybe because it was not so easy to get to one or because there was not one on the way home. Even if there was one, the atmosphere of integration was missing. At Ithaca there were no individual places. It was everything as a whole. Every place added its tiny bit to the scene. I hope I can go back if only to visit. I'm missing it already.
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