Saturday, June 21, 2008

The falling dominoes

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The other day I went to the Ithaca Festival parade in downtown. It was a Friday evening with a bit of rain that could not spoil the event. They were giving free dessert and free drinks. There were lots of people. Some were by themselves, some were with their significant others, some with their full family. Old people, children, high school students, college students, the age spectrum was covered.

As I was there, standing, watching people parading and also those enjoying the parade, a question came to my mind: Why are we all here? And this was like pushing the first piece of domino that started a chain reaction of a long line of dominoes falling inevitably one after the other. The different dominoes looked like this: Why people have to do a parade? What do they expect out of it? Are they trying to show something? Maybe the pride or satisfaction of belonging to some association or group. Why do they need to do that? For other people the acknowledge the existence of their group? And why did the spectators go to see the parade? They were looking for some amusement? Where they looking to see something or someone? to run into a friend or the meet someone new? So many different people with different lives, different ideas and different thoughts but sharing one thing in common: being there seeing the parade. And while being at that we are not only doing that. People were taking care of their dogs, talking with their children, hiding from the rain, looking for a better spot, taking pictures, eating something, drinking something, feeling cold, laughing, cheering the parading, greeting a friend, scolding a kid, kissing, showing off their hair style... and I cold go on and on and on... Then I thought, it's so human... Is this what it is to be human? What would be to be not human? I don't know and probably will never know. After all, we are a just humans.

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