Saturday, February 16, 2008

Early Christmas

I wanted to write this post in December, when Christmas songs are streamed one after the other on the radio. Nevertheless, here it is.

It all began when this radio station started to play the songs of the season all day long right after Halloween. Admittedly, I didn't listen the radio for the Christmas music itself but for the John Tesh radio show. An awesome radio program that collects all sorts of tips from magazines and books to improve your everyday life in a variety of aspects. In between the pieces of intelligence for your life (as they call them) you listen some music, which is soft rock from the 80's until now. Personally, I found it very enjoyable, except in November and December; when Christmas music was played all day long.

Among these holiday season tunes, there were some interpreted by Elvis Presley, like Blue Christmas and Here Comes Santa Claus. Those songs always take me back to my childhood years. That period of time when I used to play with our old audio system. I used to enjoy seeing the needle placing itself so smoothly on a vinyl record and wondering what kind of trick was needed to store sound in a plastic surface. It was fun to play a 33 1/3 revolutions per minute record at 45 or even 78 revolutions per minute, and vice versa. Another amusing activity was watching the cassettes being rewinded back and forth. These two devices are still sold in some stores. However, what I never saw again was an 8-track cartridge player! I bet that most of the people born in the 80's have never seen one! We had only one of those cartridges at home, and it was nothing else than a 70's version of 1957 Elvis' Christmas Album. Unlike a normal compact cassette, this was a mysterious gadget. You just plugged it in and it started playing. You couldn't see its internal mechanism and --- of course --- you were able to jump from one track to another. When one track was over the next started automatically, meaning that if you didn't intervene, it kept playing forever! Our family audio player looked similar to this one. I guess it was the most typical design of that time.

Those were the early years, playing with the aparato de sonido as we used to call it, which literally means "sound apparatus", listening to a guy called Elvis. Sometimes I regret that my parents sold the apparatus. It would be a nice collectible item nowadays.
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