Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A song lyrics

I found on youtube Tom Petty's video Into the Great Wide Open. I remember how much I liked this song, back in 1991. It was really awesome for me to see Johnny Depp in the video because I was a fan of the tv show 21 Jump Street, translated into Spanish as Comando Especial. That show was broadcast in Guatemala by the beginning of the 90's, every Friday at 7 pm by Canal 3; right before MacGyver, that was at 8 pm. I was so delighted by the song that I wanted to understand its lyrics but all I could do was to meaninglessly mumble the words I heard. My "ear" to understand spoken English was not yet very well trained and there was no internet to fetch the lyrics in a few keyboard strokes with a nowadays-so-taken-for-granted Google search. So I had to find solace in a word-by-word translation of the song title using a paper-based English-Spanish dictionary and realizing that the translation didn't make too much sense... those were other times.

What made me happy this time around that I listened to it, was that I realized that I could understand the lyrics effortlessly! It was like having the key to unlock and old chest and peeking inside with total freedom.

That's how my little forgotten wishes become a reality.

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