Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No more exams!

As of fall 2007, I will no longer have any exam until the end of my PhD. I finally have reached that point of joy in which I only have to think about my research project! Why am I thinking about this? Because everybody around is studying for finals and I'm working on my research project. All these years, since I started primary school, going through high school, college and grad school; I've had a break from school of two years! I certainly can't complain, the ride has been very exiting. However, I believe that you reach a point --- at least in my case --- in which you want to learn and study just for the sake of it, without anybody meddling in between trying to assess your level of knowledge. I feel happy and relieved of having left behind those grueling days of preparation for final exams and having ahead lots of time for doing science and learning more.
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