Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Afternoon coffee

Bored of being in my office, I went to a coffee shop. I bought a small 'coffee of the day' and sat down in a couch. I open my laptop an star reading a paper to prepare a ten minutes presentation for Friday. The blondish girl right in front of me, about six meters away looks nice. She's cute. Dressed in the usual way students do, she wears a pink t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. She has a cute face. Sun glasses on top of her head. One leg crossed over the other. The sweater covering her thighs to diminish the amount of bare skin exposed. What would she say if I get close to her and ask her for a date? Maybe she says 'yes', or maybe not. Who cares, anyway... What is the different between this and that girl? The shape of their body? The shape of their face? The way they move or speak? The way they look at me or smile? What is in their shape that makes one attractive and not the other? Why do I like one and not the other? To other guy it would be the other way around. It's a subjective choice... Who I like and who I don't. It's not a rational thought, it's something I feel. Like the difference between coffee with salt and coffee with sugar, the first is awful, the second is pleasant. She is ignorant about any thought I'm having. She is not doing anything. She is sitting on her couch without realizing that their skin is reflecting the light that falls on it and that my eyes collect a little portion of that light. That little amount of light is all the information I have about that cute girl, yet it seems like it's enough to imagine her behavior and her reactions. It's like watching the Earth from the Moon, and trying to figure out what's going on in this planet. What happens, anyway, in my brain when that light, coming from her, makes my neurons fire in such a pattern that harmonizes with my 'hard-coded' notions of what I like and what I don't like? I'm not different from the infant that sucks on her mother's breast. I'm not different from the plant that seeks the sun light. I'm not different from that bacteria that develops in warmer temperatures. I'm not different from water that boils at hundred Celsius. I'm not different from the photon that always travels at the same speed. We are all the same, just different parts of one and only nature! (Few minutes later...) That girl in the couch, she looks cute...
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